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"The fallen sorcerer's curse spread around the world... And the spire was covered in darkness." The greatest heroes of the era set out to conquer the spire, but their fate was unclear... Now, it is time for you to step in! Set out on a journey with your party to conquer the spire!

【Spire Conquest Guide】

# Chapter 1. Do not stop

Move, dodge, and attack!

March forward relentlessly to the top!

# Chapter 2. Strategy is power

Place the heroes to suit your tactics.

Find the best combination of skills, attributes, and heroes.

# Chapter 3. Grow stronger

The boss never waits!

Become more powerful to break through your limits!

# Chapter 4. Watch your back

The enemies are always there, in the stages and dungeons.

Collect loot after conquering the dungeons!



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